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Image by Jed Villejo

You are a KAP facilitator, yoga teacher, Reiki master or have a qualification in the field of spirituality, health, wellness, personal development or mindfulness? Maybe you want to start your own business and don't know how? You don't understand all the legal aspects in Germany and would like someone to help you with tips and tricks?

You invest too much time in the coordination and organization of your event? But actually you want to concentrate on the content?

You've had the idea of organizing your own retreat for a long time, but something is holding you back? You need insurance and other safeguards? You don´t want to deal with terms and conditions and legal requirements? Or be liable as a tour operator or even have to change your legal form? 

Already running a small business but facing challenges? Struggling to attract customers? Seeking a professional platform or marketing assistance?

This is what we offer you in the community

Automated Processes

So that you don't have to worry about almost anything and can focus on the core task, we support you through our automated processes to enhance your success.

Effortless Billing and Payment Options 

We handle your billing and secure your payments. Your customers can conveniently pay using a wide range of different payment methods or use a payment link customized to your requirements.

Insurance and Support

We support you with our expertise or provide legal protection, such as providing insurance certificates for your retreat.

Professional Appearance

Present yourself and your format professionally through your representation on our website, and appear reputable and credible to customers.

Clear Overview

Keep a clear overview of all your events and guest lists, so that no registrations or cancellations go unnoticed.

Enhanced Visibility

Through the platform's presence and additional marketing efforts, more people will become aware of your offerings.

Targeting the Right Audience

Reach the right people through our platform and our communities, making website visitors notice your offerings.

Support of a Great Community 

To learn from each other and grow, our community is here to help, providing inspiration on various topics.

Becoming part of our community is free of charge. Would you like to learn more? What are you waiting for?

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