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Events with Rita
Here, you'll find all the events, retreats, courses, and formats offered by Rita. For more information about her formats and everything you need to know about her, click here:
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Private Sessions


Systemic Individual Coaching

in Munich or Tegernsee

..with the goal of providing you with individual support through one or several sessions to:

  • Overcome current challenges

  • Process difficult or traumatic experiences

  • Manage conflicts

  • Overcome fears

  • Address and resolve past influences

  • Restructure beliefs and core assumptions...

We conduct a solution-focused initial conversation, define your objectives, and confirm through your body's responses that we are addressing the right topic. You will regain access to your own resources to better handle your concerns in the future.

Together, we identify your unconscious blockages, unearth the memories associated with them, process your emotions, and then engage in reconsolidation.

A coaching session lasting approximately 1.5 hours costs €180 plus VAT. Please let us know in your inquiry which times are convenient for you.

About Rita

Systemic Coach

with a specialization in solution-focused hypnotherapy 

"People have always been and continue to be my passion. Throughout my career, I have dedicated myself to the well-being of employees, teams, colleagues, and clients in various industries and companies of different sizes. This includes my experience as an employee, my years of self-employment, and my work as a coach. I am eager to share this wealth of experience with you.

I understand the diverse needs of individuals. Through a systemic approach, we can work together easily to find solutions for you. This approach shapes my mindset, influenced not least by a four-year training program at SySt-Institut (Matthias Varga v. Kibéd und Insa Sparrer) with a focus on psychology and trauma, as well as continuous deepening and supervision with professional colleagues from around the world.

I employ a variety of methods to help me tailor the right approach to different goals, whether in individual coaching or group simulations. Together, we can uncover and resolve fundamental obstacles:

Open to encounters - free in nature - pausing in silence.

I look forward to working with you!"



"Rita has provided me with the opportunity to fully grasp my life issues through her knowledge and techniques, and she effectively resolved them in just one session. I can assess this quite well, as I have been working therapeutically for over 20 years myself. The method has greatly impressed me and has delved very deeply."


"What a valuable recommendation from my husband to go to you! In a relaxed and trusting atmosphere, you managed to understand the core of my problem in just one session and, as an empathetic, active listener, entered into an open dialog with me. Together, we worked out good ways to help me, which give me security in everyday life and the opportunity to process what has happened. Thank you very much for this wonderful encounter with you."


"I was a complete novice when it came to constellations and attended my first two sessions with an open mind and curiosity, initially only as a representative.

I was able to take away so many positive things for myself that a difficult situation in my family was resolved very well afterwards. Thank you dear Rita!"

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