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Deep Connection - Day Immersion
Deep Connection - Day Immersion

Date and time will be announced.


Location in Munich will be announced.

Deep Connection - Day Immersion

Have you ever gazed into someone's eyes while meditating? Are you ready for an unforgettable experience?

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Time & Location

Date and time will be announced.

Location in Munich will be announced.

About the event

Have you ever looked someone in the eye while meditating? Who is looking at you? Can you find yourself in there?

Join us for this extraordinary experience. This one-day retreat is dedicated to the topic of connection - be it with yourself, with your partner or with the world and everything beyond. In addition to Kundalini Light Activation, meditation and other activities, we will connect on a deeper level by meditating through the open eyes of our counterpart. 

From movements to visions, traveling to new places and feelings of bliss, true oneness (non-duality), we will raise our consciousness to a new level. 

Who is this day retreat for:

✺ Singles, couples, people with or without a partner

✺ Anyone who is open to an extraordinary experience

✺ Individuals seeking a deeper connection in their lives

✺ People who are longing for a relationship

✺ Anyone who wants to improve their relationships and/or love life

This event can help you:

✺ Gain a deeper understanding of absolute reality and spiritual connection

✺ Cultivate true intimacy

✺ Heal relationship trauma

✺ Restore lost connections

✺ Heal (toxic) relationships

✺ To reduce anxiety

✺ Overcome language barriers

✺ Combat loneliness

✺ Improve your love life

✺Gain clarity through the experience of the non-dual state

What happens in this experience:

In this experience we will dive into a deeper consciousness. Participants may move in sync, start laughing, communicate with each other in unknown languages, experience deep emotions, feel inner freedom and travel through visions or other dimensions and feel the energy in the room as one. 

What this is NOT:

This is NOT a sexual or physically intimate experience. There is NO nudity or intimate as well as inappropriate touching. Instead, this is an exploration of connection on a spiritual and philosophical level, with the goal of fostering true intimacy in your personal live.

You do not need a partner to participate, but couples are welcome to stay together if they wish. 

This event will be held in English and German. You do not need any previous knowledge to take part in this event. However, it is recommended to have participated in at least one Kundalini Light Activation Session online or on site. 

Register now without obligation and be the first to find out when the event takes place.

There are only a small number of places available.

Learn more about Verena and her events here.

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