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Kundalini Light Activation - with Verena
Kundalini Light Activation - with Verena

Tue, 23 Jul



Kundalini Light Activation - with Verena

Energy is not bound by time and space. Experience Kundalini Light Activation in the comfort of your own home.

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Time & Location

23 Jul 2024, 19:00 – 20:30 CEST


About the event

Are you ready for your transformation? Awaken the light ✺ within you.

Energy knows no time or space. That's why Kundalini Light Activation works just as effectively online as it does in person. Relax and experience KLA comfortably from home.

Kundalini Light Activation can help you: 

✺ Reduce stress, depression and anxiety 

✺ Strengthen your energy and vitality, making you feel more comfortable in your body 

✺ Gain clarity and enhance your intuition 

✺ Improve relationships 

✺ Break old habits 

✺ Boost self-confidence and self-esteem 

✺ Manifest your desires and discover what you truly want in life

What is Kundalini Light Activation? 

Kundalini Light Activation is a safe method of energy transmission aimed at activating your life force energy (Kundalini energy, also known as Chi or Prana). It works to release blockages and stagnant emotions while cleansing the mind. By combining "Clear Light" and Kundalini activation, Kundalini Light Activation seeks holistic, contemporary, and safe growth on all levels—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It supports us in unlocking our full potential in the present life and finding our personal balance.

The Session: 

An online group session lasts approximately 1.5 hours. We start with a brief intro explaining what Kundalini Light Activation is and what to expect during the session. This is followed by a short demonstration before we transition into the one-hour energy transmission. You'll lie on a yoga mat with your eyes closed while music plays over Zoom. You remain fully conscious throughout the session and retain complete control over what happens. Kundalini Light Activation is a very safe method as the energy only flows as far as you allow it. We don't induce this deep state through substances like cacao, Ayahuasca, or specific breathing techniques as in Kundalini Yoga or Breathwork. You don't need to set any intentions because the intelligent Kundalini energy knows exactly where to flow. At the end of the session, everyone is welcome to share their experiences.

No prior knowledge is required to participate in a session, and you don't need to "believe" in energies. I recommend attending without expectations. KLA is NOT recommended for individuals prone to mania, delusions, bipolar disorder, psychosis, or epilepsy. Pregnant individuals in their third trimester are also advised against participating.

Please refrain from consuming alcohol or drugs within 24 hours before the session. Additionally, avoid eating for 3 hours before the session. However, if you're hungry before the session, please eat something light like fruit. All further information, including the session link, will be provided in your booking confirmation.

What are you waiting for? It's time to let go.

The session is conducted in both English and German.

For more information about Verena and her events, you can find it here.

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